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IoT Hackathon 2018

22.11.2018 @ 9:00 - 25.11.2018 @ 18:00

Are you passionate about IoT (Industrial IoT, Smart Cities), Analytics (Video Analytics, Security, Parking, Retail), or you want to discover faster paths to IoT (new IoT UX, Smart UI, Rapid development)?

Are you innovative, want to share your skills and to network with colleagues and potential partners? If you want to be a part of fast growing IoT field, form teams of 2 to 5 members and join us for our 4-day hackathon. We offer you space to unleash your creativity. You choose your team, you choose your topic, you set your challenge and we give you all the support.


  1. Sensor cities – sensor-based or connected technologies making life in cities easier and more comfortable (hardware)
  2. Old data, new app – using existing sensoric or environment open data in a new way or in a new app
  3. IoT revolution – new IoT solutions with immediate impact in traditional industries (agriculture, construction…)
  4. Locate! Localization of people and/or assets in a room / an area
  5. Air quality – analytics and prediction of quality of the air (open data, external effects – wind, flow of dust particles…)
  6. Use the camera – new usage of camera data (for parking, security, occupancy, transportation…)
  7. Next-generation retail – new ways of using smart devices inside brick & mortar stores and/or identification of its’ customers and their behaviour
  8. Industrial IoT – operational Intelligence in Industrial IoT (condition monitoring, detection and prediction of faulty states…)
  9. Front-end is selling – innovative easily accessible system for dashboard creation for sensor-based IoT projects
  10. Smart City portal – integration portal for viewing and transforming multiple sources of diverse data for Smart Cities

Do you have an idea for your own challenge? Put it in the registration form or send us an email to see if we can make it happen.


22.11.2018 @ 9:00
25.11.2018 @ 18:00
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